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Your Mother Is Awesome


!Full Name: Kristen
!Nickname(s): Kinky Kristen, Malo, Angel, Krizztan .. etc.
!Birthday/Age: 8/9/91---13
!Grad Year: 2009
!Major: I'm in junior high.
!School: East Allegheny
!Current Residence: Pennsylvania
!Living Arrangement: Parents, sister.. regular house.
!Eye/Hair color: green and brown =).
!Height/Weight (optional): 5'3.. 110
!Status: Single
!Occupation: student
!Piercings/Tattoos: Just the ears


Random Questions
!What are your ideal future plans?
I want to study psychology in college.. get married.. have kids.. have a decent life, change somebody's life for the better .. the typical stuff.
!If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? I would be more outgoing.
!What are your hidden (or not so hidden) talents? I'm pretty good at the violin. =).
!What does a typical day in your life consist of? School-Going online-Taking pictures-Phone-Movie-Sleep
!Do you have a website? If so what is it? yeah .. and my xanga is
!Are you religious? If so, what is your religion? I'm not really that religious, but I'm Roman Catholic.
!Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes.
!What are 5 words that describe you? Loyal, lazy, dorky, unconfident, DARLING. [Idk, I ran out.]
!What is something awesome about you? I'm applying to this awesome community.. you know.

She waits for him to say "I love you," but he tells no more lies.
!Song: There's so many.. Timberwolves In New Jersey-TBS, Bloody Romance-Senses Fail, Bedroom Talk-the Starting Line, You Eclipsed By Me-Atreyu, Autumns Monologue-From Autumn To Ashes, Such Great Heights-the Postal Service
!Artist/Band/Singer: TBS/SF/TSL/Atreyu
!Type of music: post hardcore/emo
!Store: Pac Sun.. I don't really like to shop.
!Book: Harry Potter 1-5, the Perks of Being a Wallflower
!Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
!Food/Drink: mushrooms/Mt. Dew
!Place to hang out: hm.. here.
!Actress/Actor: Nicole Kidman/Johnny Depp
!Animal: elephant
!Website: xanga
!Fictional Character: Don't really have one.
!TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer .. Late Night with Conan O'Brien<3

Fill In The Blank
!I am …
so hott.
!If there is one thing I can’t stand it is … sluts.
! I love it when my friends … tell me they love me.
!I’ve never …. But I want to. went skydiving.
!I would never … lead somebody on.
!If I could live ANYWHERE in the world, it would be … Ireland.
!… was the most fun I’ve ever had Kennywood in 2003
!… is the sexiest man alive Richard James Wilk [okay I didn't say that =X]
!… is the sexist woman alive Nicole Kidman .. Mary Kate Olsen is hott shit too.
!When I turn/turned 21 the first thing I did/will do was/is… I dunno, I'm hoping to do it all before then.
!I’m in love with… your mom.
!One person, alive or dead, I would like to meet would definitely be … because … doesn't matter to me.

!I wish I was … good enough for you society.
!I have …. This many times: smoked .. 0
!I look totally hot in… fishnets ;)
!… is the coolest. My Allyson
!The one thing I … can live without is George Bush.
!I am … right now. feeling numb
!Love is … a bitch.
!I’m so phased by… YOU.
!… is effin awesome. Spike

Pictures of me!

I dunno if the pictures will show =\.. but yeah. My bad if they didn't.

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