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So, Diana and I have been slacking big time on this community. Mainly because everyone sucks and we barely have any members... MEANING everyone should promote!!

Since I know the guys are HTML illiterate, I'll go ahead and take the time to show you HOW to promote.

Thanks to my wonderful knowledge in HTML, I have provided the codes for the banners on the profile page. All you have to do is pick which banner you would like to promote with, copy and paste the code under it and then...
Go to Find Users By Interest on your little Livejournal Menu
Search for "Community Promo" or "Promotion" or something along those lines
Find the communities that allow you to promote without having to join and click on the little pencil on the community's profile page. It'll take you to the update page and all you have to do is PASTE the code that you copied from this community's profile page and update!
It's that simple!

Also word of mouth helps too!

Just a little reminder - this community will only be fun if there are a lot of people who participate... and there will only be a lot of ppl who participate if THERE ARE ACTUALLY PEOPLE IN THIS COMMUNITY!

I also shortened the application because I have a feeling that ppl just haven't felt like filling out the app...

Thanks all...

I'll be posting our next project here in a few if I feel like it... If not I'm going to wait until more people join.
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