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OMG it's so bad!
+Their name: Eric
+Status in relation to you: Ex, I believe lol
+How you met: Through my best friend's boyfriend... They kind of hooked us up
+How you started dating: We were sitting in his room on his bed and he asked me out
+How long you were together: God, like a month or something gay like that.
+What went right: He was really sweet, I liked that he was older then me (he was like 20 and I was like 17), he had a nice car lol
+What went wrong: Well my "best friend" decided that she didn't like her boyfriend (his best friend) anymore and that she liked Eric so she slept with him. Then he randomly stopped talking to her and she hated her life and tried to come to me for sympathy. It was awesome. N't.
+What you've learned: That there is no such thing as best friends. That people are only look out for their best interests and no one elses.
+How you broke up: He actually didn't even break up with me. We just stopped talking to eachother after I found out they slept together.
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+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: if he hadn't messed around with my best friend i would have given him like a 7 because he was awesome besides that, but since he did mess around with her I give him a 1

+Their name: Glen
+Status in relation to you: Random Spring Break fling type thing
+How you met: Through my friend Dawn
+How you started dating: I randomly hung out with him one night and we ended up staying out all night.
+How long you were together: One week
+What went right: He really really liked me and we had fun together
+What went wrong: He was fiendishly clingy and I was phased.
+What you've learned: That girls aren’t the only ones who get clingy and it’s creepy
+How you broke up: I just stopped talking to him.
+Pictures: None, which sucks because he’s cute lol
+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 5

+Their name: Doug
+Status in relation to you: I thought he was my bf, but I was so very naive
+How you met: I used to hang out on the airforce base because my friend Eddy was in the Airforce. I met him in one of their little dorms, we were all watching movies.
+How you started dating: The day after we met him and I hung out all day and he kissed me so my naïve little self assumed that something was going on between us.
+How long you were together: I kept going back to him so it was a span of about 2.5 months
+What went right: He was the first guy I ever really truly liked. He treated me really good … when no one was around.
+What went wrong: He acted like a complete ass whenever other people were around. He claimed that he was worried because he was 19 and I was 17 or something… It was all BS
+What you've learned: Not to be naïve. Just because you kiss someone or act like you are dating doesn’t mean you are. It doesn’t even necessarily mean that they care about you at all!
+How you broke up: I saw him holding hands with another girl as they walked into their room… Of course I went back to him after that, but I think what finally ended it was when I met Daniel. +Pictures:
I have a picture somewhere, but I may have burned it.
+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: I’ll go ahead and give him an 8 just because he taught me so much. I’m so much more cautious and a lot smarter now because of him. He was the first guy to ever break my heart and I thank him for that.

+Their name: Daniel
+Status in relation to you: I would never admit to it, but we were bf/gf.
+How you met: Umm I kind of stole him from my friend Brandi. I’m such a bitch.
+How you started dating: At the time I was obsessed with Justin Timberlake and he could sing like him and beatbox and stuff… we had a lot in common and we just started hanging out a lot.
+How long you were together: a little over 2 months maybe?
+What went right: He was by far the nicest guy ever. He treated me soooo good and I definitely did NOT deserve it.
+What went wrong: This was right after the whole Doug situation so I never really trusted him. Doug effed up all faith I had in anyone so I refused to let anything really happen with Daniel and I.
+What you've learned: That not all guys are pricks… just most of them.
+How you broke up: He finally got sick of chasing after me but never actually getting anywhere… He probably found someone worth his time. I hope he did.
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+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 8

+Their name: Jay
+Status in relation to you: My brother’s friend who I was shamelessly stalking and so very in love with
+How you met: Knew him since I was 7
+How you started dating: Yeah, we didn’t date I just molested him at a few parties… Of course we were both drunk, but what can ya do.
+How long you were together: I’ve been infatuated with him from my 18th birthday to present time lol… +What went right: He made me feel like I’d never felt before and never have since. It was like molesting a hot movie star or someone famous… You know you’ll never have a chance in hell with them, but at least you got to experience it.
+What went wrong: He’s 26 I was 18, he is really good friends with my older brother, he’s not the brightest crayon in the box, he hated me so much
+What you've learned: People can never live up to what you imagine them to be in your mind.
+How you broke up: Haha, we were never together, but I stopped partying with that whole crew so I never see him anymore…
Click here to view
+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 6

+Their name: Eric #2
+Status in relation to you: We were “seeing eachother”
+How you met: Met him at Mugs n Jugs
+How you started dating: New Years eve like 2 years ago we kissed at Midnight and proceeded to hang out everyday after that.
+How long you were together: Little over a month
+What went right: He treated me pretty good.
+What went wrong: He had JUST broke up with his girlfriend of like 2 years… She ended up being pregnant and he went back to her. Ughhh.
+What you've learned: Not to date anyone named Eric ever again… No, actually I learned to be VERY VERY cautious of the EX!!!
+How you broke up: Umm his exgirlfriend claimed to be pregnant… but he doesn’t have a kid now so I think he’s full of shit. He used to say “I miss you” all the time after he got back with her to try to keep me around just in case, but I surrendered to him. Ass.
+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 3

+Their name: Cheyne
+Status in relation to you: We had our little thing for awhile
+How you met: Met at the mall
+How you started dating: We just started hanging out all the time.
+How long you were together: month or so
+What went right: He was completely honest with me from the very beginning, even if it was somewhat brutal. He was a very cool guy.
+What went wrong: I wanted a serious relationship and he wasn’t ready for that again (he had just broken up with his ex)
+What you've learned: Honesty is a very respectable quality and I will hold no grudges against people who are honest from the very beginning.
+How you broke up: Our little fling just sort of flickered out after awhile. We still talk sometimes, he’s a really awesome guy.
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+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 8
+Their name: Justin
+Status in relation to you: We dated?
+How you met: Met at the beach
+How you started dating: I don’t really know, we just hung out a lot and stuff
+How long you were together: god, a few weeks
+What went right: He was kinda cool?
+What went wrong: He said “I really really like you, you’re really nice and pretty and funn but I just wish you were thinner” hence my nickname Fatty McFatGirl
+What you've learned: Never to change for anyone, if the person in question doesn’t like you for the right reasons then eff them.
+How you broke up: Umm he called me fat… Although funny, I didn’t really like it all too much, thanks. +Pictures: Brace yourself, he looks really phasing now… When I liked him he looked somewhat normal… I found his thing on FTJ so heres the link:
Click here The picture of him with blonde hair making a muscle *phased face* that’s how he looked when I liked him.
+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: negative infinity

+Their name: Brian
+Status in relation to you: Ex
+How you met: in jacksonville
+How you started dating: He, uhm, asked me and I said yes
+How long you were together: 2 months
+What went right: He was in love with me, he wrote songs for me, he gave me roses, he cared.
+What went wrong: I didn’t feel the same
+What you've learned: In order for things to work out feelings must be mutual… doing certain things won’t make you closer to someone if you don’t feel close to them in the first place.
+How you broke up: I told him I didn’t feel the same about him as he did with me… And he cried and I felt really bad.
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+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 7

+Their name: Nate
+Status in relation to you: Ex
+How you met: I knew him in High School and we just randomly started talking one day after we had already graduated
+How you started dating: We were laying in his bed talking and he asked me to be his girlfriend.
+How long you were together: 2 months-ish
+What went right: Things were really cool with us… before we started dating.
+What went wrong: He was fiendishly overprotective, I didn’t “appreciate him”, he cheated on me, he was an ass
+What you've learned: Opposites definitely don’t attract when it comes to personality
+How you broke up: He called me up AT WORK and told me that it seemed like I wanted to break up for awhile so he was just going to do it (so the blame was still somehow on me)… when in all reality, he broke up with me so he was free to molest Lauren (whom he already had molested the day before we broke up)
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+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 1

+Their name: Brent
+Status in relation to you: Umm we were seeing eachother…
+How you met: Through Renee a little over a year ago
+How you started dating: I went to one of his band’s shows and immediately fell in love with him +How long you were together: 2 months (are we seeing a pattern here?)
+What went right: I really, really, really, liked him and he was pretty great. He was honest with me from the beginning about our situation and what he wanted. He wrote a song for me and randomly showed up at my house with roses. He dedicated a song to me at one of his shows.
+What went wrong: I so wanted more then just seeing each other and he didn’t.
+What you've learned: Long distance relationships can work out as long as you both are willing to make it work.
+How you broke up: we were never together
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+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 9

+Their name: JT
+Status in relation to you: I heart him
+How you met: Tegrat!
+How you started dating: I can’t answer this… yet.
+How long you were together: uhhh?
+What went right: He’s freaking great. We have so much fun together, he’s sweet, he makes me laugh…god… everything.
+What went wrong: I suck and am indecisive.
+What you've learned: If you want to fall you have to jump.
+How you broke up: NEVER!
+Pictures: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
+Rate them on a scale of 1-10: 10
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