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So Diana and I decided that even though there still is only a few of us in the community, we'd go ahead and get things started with a Theme.

In honor of the week before V-day, we are going to take a fun, but probably painful, trip down memory lane... The theme we have come up with is called The "Ex" Files.

The Rizzzules
In any type of layout (whether you make a table, a photoshopped picture, a freaking webpage or just a little summary) write a little bit about each Ex you have encountered (preferably in order).
+Their name
+How you met
+How you started dating
+How long you were together
+What went right
+What went wrong
+What you've learned
+How you broke up
+Rate them on a scale of 1-10 (1 being completely regretful of the whole situation and 10 being you pretty much want them back)

Feel free to add relationships that weren't exactly dating... The jucier the better!!!

**Make sure you post your Theme to the journal and have the words "Stamped//Theme" in the subject as well as indicate somewhere on the entry that the theme you are posting for is "The Ex Files"**

Questions or Comments? Reply to this post... As for complaints... Email Diana.
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