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!Full Name: Lara Katherine Gregg
!Nickname(s): LJ, lola, lolita
!Birthday/Age: august 3, 1989/15
!Grad Year: 2007
!Major: don't have one..
!School: walden h/s
!Current Residence: louisville,kentucky
!Living Arrangement: with my mom and older sister..
!Eye/Hair color: eyes=grey, hair=red
!Height/Weight (optional): 5'0"/110lbs
!Status: taken
!Occupation: none, yet.
!Piercings/Tattoos: 11 piercings... my ears are pierced 4 times on the lobe, my right cartilage is double pierced and my bellybutton

Random Questions
!What are your ideal future plans? i'd like to graduate highschool, go to college, eventually get married..
!If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? to be a little less moody..
!What are your hidden (or not so hidden) talents? um, i play viola, and am told i'm a good artist/writer..
!What does a typical day in your life consist of? waking up, going to school, working out, coming home, homework, then whatever...thats a weekday...but weekends are pretty unpredictable
!Do you have a website? If so what is it? nope
!Are you religious? If so, what is your religion? no, i'm not.
!Do you believe in love at first sight? no, i believe in LUST at first sight..
!What are 5 words that describe you? silly, sarcastic, unique, spontaneous, mature
!What is something awesome about you? i love to kickbox..

!Quote: "if you don't love me for who i already am, then it is not me whom you love"
!Song: at the moment, carress me down by sublime
!Artist/Band/Singer: sublime
!Type of music: rock
!Store: queen of rags
!Book: interview with the vampire
!Movie: requiem for a dream
!Food/Drink: cinnamon rolls/milk
!Place to hang out: the park
!Actress/Actor: ben stiller
!Animal: tiger
!Website: i don't have one..
!Fictional Character: don't think i have one..
!TV Show: the simpsons

Fill In The Blank
!I am … sore
!If there is one thing I can’t stand it is … ignorance
! I love it when my friends … make me smile
!I’ve never …. But I want to. slept under the stars
!I would never … hurt someone i love intentionally
!If I could live ANYWHERE in the world, it would be … ireland 
!… was the most fun I’ve ever had i don't think i could pick just one time..
!… is the sexiest man alive my boyfriend =)
!… is the sexist woman alive angelina jolie..
!When I turn/turned 21 the first thing I did/will do was/is… buy liquor i suppose...i'm really not planning that far ahead
!I’m in love with… my boyfriend
!One person, alive or dead, I would like to meet would definitely be … because …  mark twain, because i'm related to him, and i like his writing
!I wish I was … in california
!I have …. This many times:  never broken a bone..
!I look totally hot in… a skirt
!… is the coolest. my sister
!The one thing I … need is trust
!I am … right now. sleepy
!Love is … exciting
!I’m so phased by… infatuation
!… is effin awesome. my best friend

Pictures of me!

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