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Your Mother Is Awesome

!Full Name: Brianne Lauren dePadua
!Nickname(s): Bri, Fatty, HSC1, Ishmale, BriBot, Breeb
!Birthday/Age: 06*14*1985 // 19 yrs young
!Grad Year: c/o 2003!
!School: Currently St Pete College in Clearwater, but I will soon be in G-VILLE ATTENDING UF!
!Current Residence: Larghetto
!Living Arrangement: With the 'rents upstairs in my lair
!Eye/Hair color: Poop green//Redish purpleish blackish brownish
!Height/Weight (optional): 5'7 // a metric ton
!Status: Muhahahahahaha
!Occupation: Target Team Member
!Piercings/Tattoos: 8 piercings (eyebrow, 2 in each ear, nose, lip, belly button) ... Currently no tattoos :o( But that will change as soon as I have $$

Random Questions
!What are your ideal future plans? Graduate from UF, become editor of my own magazine, move to California, live on the beach with a million dogs, a black cat and maybe a horse or two... To fall desperately in love with someone great and die before I get old and annoying... AND TO BE HAPPY THROUGH IT ALL!
!If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? I would want to look like my sister
!What are your hidden (or not so hidden) talents? I can sing like alanis <3 and I'm pretty good with photoshop
!What does a typical day in your life consist of? Waking up at 11am, taking a shower, going to class all day, come home, go on the computer, recieve a call from/call Kevin or Scott, hang out with them until JT gets off then hang out with all three of them.
!Do you have a website? If so what is it? Yes sir, http://britarded.150m.com
!Are you religious? If so, what is your religion? Not religious.
!Do you believe in love at first sight? Absolutely NOT!!! How can you love someone when you first see them? Thats impossible. I hate it. lol
!What are 5 words that describe you? Amusing, mystifying, ironic, quixotic, unusual
!What is something awesome about you? I have awesome friends therefore I, too, must be awesome.

!Quote: "The one you love and the one who loves you are never the same person" - Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters
!Song: EEEP! I really like 5 Days and Counting by Spitalfield, Grand Theft Autumn by Fall Out Boy and And Love Said No by HIM
!Artist/Band/Singer: HIM
!Type of music: Pop punk
!Store: Hot Topic & Pac Sun
!Book: Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk
!Movie: Fight Club
!Food/Drink: Salad (from Olive Garden)/Smoothies (preferably Mango/Banana/Pineapple smoothie from Atlanta Bread Factory)
!Place to hang out: Anywhere that involves Karaoke, my friends and food
!Actress/Actor: Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Dakota Fanning /Johnny Depp, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio
!Animal: Doggies and horsies
!Website: Livejournal biatch!
!Fictional Character: Tyler Durden and Willy Wonka
!TV Show: Buffy & Viva La Bam

Fill In The Blank
!I am … never satisfied even when I get what I want because I'm a selfish bitch, but you still love me.
!If there is one thing I can’t stand it is … my manager because she's a condescending bitchface barbie doll.
! I love it when my friends … do great things like throw pebbles at my window instead of knocking on my door, are protective of me, worry about me, miss me, make me laugh and slam their faces into cakes (I lalalalalalove you scott!).
!I’ve never ...got a tattoo, But I want to.
!I would never … have had so much fun the past few months if it wasn't for my amazing friends... you know who you are.
!If I could live ANYWHERE in the world, it would be … in california on the beach with all my friends and my sisters and brother.
!Last summer… was the most fun I’ve ever had
!Johnny Depp… is the sexiest man alive
!Angelina Jolie… is the sexist woman alive
!When I turn/turned 21 the first thing I did/will do was/is… go up to Tallie and do The Waltz
!I’m in love with… diana
!One person, alive or dead, I would like to meet would definitely be …Jesus because …he's my homeboy and he rocks harder then anyone else.
!I wish I was … not dying from this freaking fatal cold
!I have …broken a bone This many times: 1
!I look totally hot in… red and khaki (sarcasm)
!Kevin… is the coolest.
!The one thing I … miss about this weekend is sleeping next to/waking up beside JT <3
!I am …not able to breathe right now.
!Love is …something that hallmark made up to sell more cards.
!I’m so phased by… the creepy guy that stalks us at Mugs n Jugs and Applebees
!Scott… is effin awesome.

Pictures of me!
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