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Your mother is awesome

!Full Name: Scott P. Dunn
!Nickname(s): Scott-o
!Birthday/Age: December 26, 1983/21
!Grad Year: 2002
!Major: communications
!School: SPC for now
!Current Residence: Largo, FL
!Living Arrangement: In my little room, in a not so little house.
!Eye/Hair color: hazel / dark brown
!Height/Weight (optional): 6 / 155-160?
!Status: Single
!Occupation: I work at Target
!Piercings/Tattoos: 2 piercings, 1 on each ear.

Random Questions
!What are your ideal future plans? To be rich and away from Targhetto.
!If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? My voice to be a higher pitch. Alhough the low voice is sXeE
!What are your hidden (or not so hidden) talents? I can B-Boy it up and do an amazing invisible string trick.
!What does a typical day in your life consist of? School, working, hanging out with Kevin, JT, Jimmy, Diana, and Bri.
!Do you have a website? If so what is it? I used to, dont know the address anymore, heh ahhhh
!Are you religious? If so, what is your religion? noperz
!Do you believe in love at first sight? not really,I can never tell at first sight.
!What are 5 words that describe you? Crazy, Fun, Loving, Funny, Hot(?)
!What is something awesome about you? I am multi-talented.

!Quote: "thats right, whitey can whoo"
!Song: Numb
!Artist/Band/Singer: LINKIN PARK
!Type of music: Rock/ Metal
!Store: PacSun, Hot Topic
!Book: Goodnight Moon
!Movie: Back to the Future
!Food/Drink: Anything edible and......drinkable
!Place to hang out: It doesn't matter, as long as my friends are with me (and the crowd goes......awwwwww)
!Actress/Actor: Jim Carrey
!Animal: Anhinga
!Fictional Character: Staypuft Marshmallow Man
!TV Show: Viva La Bam

Fill In The Blank
!I am Scott-o, if there's something dumb to do, i'll do it.
!If there is one thing I can’t stand it is repetitive noises, and bad drivers!
!I love it when my friends do funny things that are funny, (FIRE IN THE HOLE!)
!I’ve never been out of the United States. But I want to go somewhere, someday.
!I would never not try something, I would do anything.
!If I could live ANYWHERE in the world, it would be somewhere everyone important to me was very close.
!I forget what was the most fun I’ve ever had
!Chester Bennington is the sexiest man alive
!The nurse from Roger Rabbit is the sexist woman alive
!When I turn/turned 21 the first thing I did/will do was/is be glad the time has come.
!I’m in love with OoOoO (shhh)
!One person, alive or dead, I would like to meet would definitely be Chester (duh) because it would be awesome like that.
!I wish I was almost done with this survey
!I have been to Maine 3 times. Wow, that's the closest i've ever gotten to being away from the U.S.
!I look totally hot in . . . . . . ab-so-lute-ly nothing!
!apparently Scott is the coolest.
!The one thing I can think to say about this is basically that there is I have a steak in the freezer next to my dad went to the store today theres an onion next to your grapes.
!I am turned on right now.
!Love is something I have yet to experience.
!I’m so phased by bad drivers!
!The Tripod is effin awesome.

Pictures of me!
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